The latest round of Irish Independent Doctorate in Property Research will begin in December 2019. The research will look at the creation of a functioning housing system

Despite numerous advisory papers from the Kenny Report of 1973 to the more recent NESC series of reports, the Irish housing system remains less effective than other policy areas: it only seems to deliver occasionally what other systems deliver as a matter of course and has many wider impacts. Numerous questions then present themselves, including:

  • What should a functioning housing system do, including its outcomes and impact?
  • What theories and evidence underpin policies that cause the system to operate as it does?
  • With reference to other policy areas and jurisdictions, what are appropriate methods of policy development, evaluation and monitoring?

These questions and more form the basis of the new TU Dublin/INM Ph.D. scholarship in housing.

Mr Paul Umfreville is the appointed doctoral candidate who will conduct the research under the supervision of Dr Lorcan Sirr.

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